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     News about our dogs continually add.



    Litter K Born 04.11.2017  5 puppies..  2x female black-tri, 2x female red-tri ,1x male red-tri.





    velikonoce.jpg velikonoce.jpg 16.4.2017


    15.4.2017 CACIB Praha. Judge Mrs. Robbins Janelle W (AUS). JCh.Ch.Fatho Le Coeur Pur Excellent 1, CAC, R.CACIB.



    9.4.2017  nice Sunday



    8.4.2017 CAC Ostrava. Judge Mr. Jaroslav Matyáš. Fatho Le Coeur Pur Excellent 1, CAC.



    1.4.2017 Grace Medvědí tlapa test Canistherapy.Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    26.3.2017 CACIB Vrsač. Judge Mr. Ratibor Cekič. Fatho Le Coeur Pur V1,CAC,CACIB,BOB. Serbischer Champion. Vielen Dank Alena 26.3.2017 CACIB Vrsač. Judge Mr. Ratibor Cekič. Inoko Medvědí tlapa V1, CAC,R.CACIB. Serbischer Champion



    25.3.2017 CACIB Bogatič. Judge Mr. Nenad Katanič. Fatho Le Coeur Pur V1,CAC,CACIB,BOB. 25.3.2017 CACIB Bogatič. Judge Mr. Nenad Katanič.Inoko Medvědí tlapa V1, CAC,R.CACIB.


    5.2.2017 DUO CACIB Brno. Judge Mrs. Hanne Laine Jensen (DK). Fatho Le Coeur Pur V2, R.CAC.


    7.1.2017 Hanácká National Dog Show. Judge Mrs. Petra Márová. JCh. Fatho Le Coeur Pur V1, CAC, CAC-ČMKU, National Winner, BOB.



    24.12.2016 Litter G 3 Years of Happy Birthday . 30.12.2016 Litter D 4 Years of Happy Birthday    15.1.2017 Litter A 6 Years of Happy Birthday  17.1.2017 Litter C 5 Years of Happy Birthday



    10.11.2016 Silver Dream Aussies Krazy Krízzy Happy Birthday 10 Jahre.


    4.11.2016 Great news,  I am very happy Fatho Le Coeur Pur  HD A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0, PL 0/0, spine okay.



    Fatho Le Coeur Pur It is officially Junior Champion CZ



    Beautiful success on Saturday at a dog show Fazy 13 months Best Of Bred (17 beaucerons). Thank you Helena and Camilla for their excellent work. 29.10.2016. Judge Mr. Yerusalimsky  Eugene (Russia). Fatho Le Coeur Pur V1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB, Winner of Prague. 30.10.2016 Judge Mr. Richard Baker (AU). Fatho Le Coeur Pur. Very Good 2.



    27.10.2016 Photos of puppies two weeks


    Born 13.10.2016. 7 puppies , 2x Female Black-tri, 1x Female Red-tri, 2x Male Black-tri, 2x Male Red-tri.
    Multi.J.Ch.,J.Grand Ch. Fionn Medvědí Tlapa JCh., Ch. Goliáš Srdcové Eso


    I feel heartbroken. Someone who has never bred puppies will never know what a loss it is when a bitch loses her puppies, or in the worst case the breeder loses the bitch. I always look forward to the puppies and all that is connected with them. So far each delivery was smooth and it never even occurred to me that it could be otherwise. When I saw how Kiss brings plush toys to her whelping box and watches Fionn´s puppies, I even once briefly left the house and after returning back I saw how Fionn is lying and breastfeeding her pups and Kiss is sitting with her in the whelping box and controlling as a good mother if her daughter is doing it well, I had to laugh. Today I have no reason to laugh, but rather to cry. I am totally devastated. Kiss lost her two puppies in the worst possible way so that the first puppy got stucked in the birth canal, and the second puppy didn´t get out. Despite the effort of veterinarians not even one puppy was saved. Kiss had to undergo a Caesarean section, luckily for her, everything is without consequences and after some time she may have puppies again. The worst thing is to see her when she walks around Fionn´s puppies, which she would like to care for, so instead she is left with her plush toy, which she carries always with her. Even in a dream it never occurred to me that something like this would happen to me. After this experience, I know that I will watch every birth with even greater respect and with every successful birth, I will feel really relieved, and I'll have a good drink.


    24 September 2016 National Dog Show in Brno. Judge Mrs. Petra Márová. Fatho Le Coeur Pur V1, CAJC, BOJ and conditions in 12 months for the title Junior Champion CZ.



    21.9.2016  Innet Medvedí tlapa  HD, ED  0/0. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    20.9.2016 Fatho Le Coeur.  Happy Birthday 1 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    3.9.2016  Special Exhibition Beaucerons. Judge  Mrs. Helena Dvoráková. Fatho Le Coeur. Excellent 1, CAJC.



    20.8.2016 Dear Cherry, you could have been here with us for some more time, but unfortunately fate decided otherwise and I had to make the hardest decision and choose the best for you. I was with you in the last minutes of your life when you were resignedly falling asleep in my arms. Your departure was unexpected but fast. Thank you for the time spent with you and for the puppies you gave us. It hurts so much but I know that now you are playing with Jeans somewhere and that you both don´t feel pain anymore.



    13.8.2016 CACIB Mladá Boleslav. Judge Mrs. Zoja Olejnikova(UK). Fatho le Coeur Pur (Fazy). Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS.



    6.8.2016 Exam ZKO Bukov, judge Mr. Jiří Pruzina. Silver Dream Aussies Krazy Krizzy  exam ZZO1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    6.8.2016 Exam ZKO Bukov, judge Mr. Jiří Pruzina. Issa Medvedi tlapa exam ZZO. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    Garry Medvědi tlapa Exam  ZVOP. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    Dnes 14.6.2016 Happy Birthday 1 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    Thornapple Premonition 8 Year. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    7.5.2016 Club show in Horní Jelení (CZ). Judge Mr. Specialist Beauceron  Alain Thévenon (FR).fatho Le Coeur Pur Very Promising Best puppy.


    6.5.2016 Fionn Medvědí tlapa 3 Year. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    12.4.2016 Thornapple Kissable Temptation 6 Year. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    12.01. 2016 Today we got a new member to our family and I thank breeder Lucca Tančevové to me by my long-time dream fulfilled. Introducing Beauceron dog Fatho le Coeur Pur (Father CH Atoum des Assiers x JCh.Doreen le Coeur Pur).



    10.1.2016 CACIB Nürnberg (D). Judge Mr. Peter Machetanz (D). Dive Medvedí tlapa Excellent 2,  R.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH. Congratulations !!!!!



    28.11.2015 CAC Erfurt (DE). Judge Mr.  Anatoli Zhuk.(BCU). Dive Medvedí tlapa Excellent 3. Congratulations !!!!! 29.11.2015 CAC Erfurt(DE). Judge Mrs.  Gisa Schicker. Dive Medvedí tlapa Excellent 2, R.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH. Congratulations !!!!!



    20.11.2015 Cheynna Medvědí tlapa HD, ED 0/0.Congratulations !!!!!



    10.11.2015 Silver Dream Aussies Krazy Krizzy 8 Years. Congratulations !!!!!



    31.10.2015 CACIB Prague. Judge Mrs. Vermeire Myriam. Dive Medvedí tlapa Excellent 2, R.CAC. Congratulations !!!!! 1.11.CACIB Prague. Judge Mr. Spruyt Dirk, Dive Medvedí tlapa Excellent 2, R.CAC. Congratulations !!!!!



    17.10.2015 Fionn became a breeding bitch. Character test 100 points.(100). 17.10.2015 Hyrra Medvedi tlapa became a breeding bitch. Character test 93 points. Congratulations !!!!!



    3.10.2015 Gwen Medvedi tlapa works ZZO1 v ZKO Kralupy nad Vltavou. Judge Mr. Miroslav Rynes. Congratulations !!!!!



    28.09.2015 Ratenice Club Dog Show KCHBO. Judge Mrs. Claudia Bosselmann (DE). Dive Medvedi tlapa Excellent. Congratulations !!!!! 28.09.2015 Ratenice Club Dog Show KCHBO. Judge Mrs. Claudia Bosselmann (DE). Garry Medvedi tlapa Excellent 3. Congratulations !!!!!



    Carson Medvědi tlapa  is officially Interchampion. Congratulations !!!!!



    22.8.2015 CACIB Leipzig (D).Judge Mr. Horst Kliebenstein (D). Dive Medvedí tlapa, V1 Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, R.CAC,R.CACIB. Congratulations !!!!!



    Iber neues Zuhause 


    8.8.2015 Gwen Medvedi tlapa works  OB-Z. Congratulations !!!!!



    23.7.2015 Gwen Medvedi tlapa HD,ED 0/0. Congratulations !!!!!



    12.7.2015 New photos of litter I 4 weeks.


    27.6.2015 New photos of litter I.



    Born 14.6.2015. Puppies 10. 2x Female Black-tri, 4x Female Red-tri, 4x Male Black-tri



    13.6.2015 Cheynna Medvedi tlapa works BH. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    Regional show Zlin (CZ). Greace Medvedi tlapa Excellent 2. Congratulations !!!!!


    30.5.2015 Club Dog Show KCHBO Judge Mrs. Urszula Charytonik (PL), Dive Medvedí tlapa Excellent. 31.5.2015 Club Dog ShowKCHBO, Judge Mr. Martijn van Vliet (Netherlands) – Dive Medvedí tlapa Excellent 3. Congratulations !!!!!!


    23.5.2015 MVP Litoměřice (CZ). Judge Mr. András Korózs (HU)-Dive Medvedí tlapa V2, R.CAC Congratulations !!!!!!!!



    21.5.2015 Hyrra Medvedí tlapa HD,ED 0/0. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    21.5.2015 Litter B of Happy Birthday 4 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    25.4.2015 CACIB Bar, Montenegro – Judge Mr. Galina Zhuk (BY) – Dive Medvědi tlapa V2, R.CAC 26.4.2015 CACIB Bar, Montenegro – Judge Mr. Denis Kuzelj – Dive Medvědí tlapa V2,R.CAC 27.4.2015 CACIB Dubrovník Judge Mr. Eugenyi Kuplyauskas(RUS) Dive Medvědí tlapa V2, R.CAC. 28.4.2015 CACIB Dubrovník Judge Mr. RAFAEL DE SANTIAGO ( PR ) Dive V2,R.CAC. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!



    6.5.2015 Litte F of Happy Birthday 2 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    Fetch Medvedi tlapa Stud Dog.Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    Gwen Medvedi tlapa works ZOP. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    28.4.2015 Litter CH of Happy Birthday 1 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! 28.4.2015 Litter E of Happy Birthday 2 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    20.4.2015 Litter H of Happy Birthday 1 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    CACIB Chemnitz)D). Judge Mr. Koros Andrazs (H). Carson Medvědí tlapa Excellent 2, R.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH. Conditions for the title of German VDH Champion. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    18.4.2015 Gwen Medvědí tlapa works ZZO .  ZKO Strachov Kralupy. Judge Mr. Jiří Pružina. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    12.4.2015 Thornapple Kissable Temptation 5 Year. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    Belgie ASCA First Medvědí tlapa. 1 place in open class in the color red-merle. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    Farley Medvědí tlapa DKK, DLK, OCD, PL 0/0 a SA. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    17.11.2014 Dive Medvědí tlapa  ZKO Ústí na Labem – Střekov. Judge Mr. Lubomír Jonáš works BH. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    10.11.2014 Silver Dream Krazy Krizzy 7 Years.


    9.11.2014 Roudnice N/L - Kyškovice. Fionn Medvědí tlapa works AD. Congratulations !!!!!!!!! 



    8.11.2014 First Choice Medvědí tlapa works  BH. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    8.11.2014 Fionn Medvědí tlapa  works ZZO  v ZKO Bukov. Judge Mr. Jiří Pružina..



    1.11.2014 CACIB Praha. Judge Mr. John Wauben (NL). Farley Medvědí tlapa Excellent 3. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!! 2.11.2014 CACIB Praha. Judge Mrs. Marie Marušková (CZ). Farley Medvědí tlapa Excellent 2, R.CAC. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!


    1.11.2014 CACIB Praha. Judge Mr. John Wauben (NL). Dive Medvědí tlapa Excellent 3.Congratulations !!!!!!!!! 2.11.2014 CACIB Praha.Judge Mrs. Marie Marušková (CZ). Dive Medvědí tlapa Excellent 2. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!


    26.10.2014 Cassidy Medvědí tlapa splnil works ZZO. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    26.10.2014 Fetch Medvědí tlapa works BH Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    25.102014 Speciální Dog Show KCHBO Bochovice. Judge Mrs. Izabella Olejniczak (PL).Garry Medvědí tlapa Excellent 2. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    23.10.2014.European Dog Show Brno. Judge Louise Mouchart-Kleingeld (NL) .Farley Medvědi tlapa from 17 young Australian Shepherd placed in the first six to Excellent. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!.!!



    4.10.2014 Dante Medvědí tlapa Stud Dog Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    Fetch Medvědí Tlapa DKK a DLK 0/0. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    First Choice Medvědí tlapa, ASCA Show Eksel  1.Place (7) 12-18- months. Congratulations !!!!!!!!! !


    6° AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD GOLD CUP - GAVIRATE Lungolago.(Itálie). Judge Mrs. Erin Swain USA. Dive Medvědí tlapa 3 place.Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    Carson Medvědí tlapa  Grand Champion Slovenia. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    5.8.2014 First Choice Medvedi tlapa HD,ED,OCD 0/0. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    30.8.2014 ASCA Show Köwi.  12-18 months First Choice Medvědi tlapa 2Place



    30.8.2014 CACIB Mladá Boleslav. Judge Mrs.í Eva Hájková. Gwen Medvědí tlapa Promising 2. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!


    23.8.2014 German Winner Show Lipsko. Judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (D), Dive Medvědí tlapa V1, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH.Congratulations !!!!!!!!! 24.8.204 CACIB Lipsko.JudgeH.Wiblishauser (D). Dive Medvědí tlapa V1, Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, R.CAC,R.CACIB. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    31.7.2014 Fionn Medvědí tlapa  HD,ED, OCD, PL 0/0 a SA.



    19.7.2014 CAC Mladá Boleslav.Judge Mrs.Libuše Ubrová.Gwen Medvědí tlapa VN 2.Congratulations !!!!!!!!!! 19.7.2014 CAC Mladá Boleslav.Judge Mrs. Libuše Ubrová.Dive Medvědí tlapa V1,CAC.Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    19.7.2014 Clancy Medvědí tlapa Works ZZP1. Judge Mr. Petrů Vratislav. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    11.7.2014 First Medvědí tlapa LASC-Show v Belgium 2.place of class from 12 months. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!



    Litter CH is in new homes.



    21.6..2014 Litter H is in new homes.



    14.6.2014 CAC Serbia Sivac. Carson Medvědí tlapa V1, CAC, BOB. Congratulations !!!!!!!!! 15.6.2014 CACIB Serbia Bečej. Carson Medvědí tlapa V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB. Conditions for the title of Interchampion. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!
    13.6.2014 Daisy Medvědí tlapa Junior Champion of Russia Congratulations !!!!!!!!!
    7.6.2014 Ciara Medvědí tlapa. Stud Bitch. Congratulations !!!!!!!!! Clancy Medvědí tlapa. Stud Bitch. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!
    7.6.2014 MVP UMAG. Judge Mr. Zdravko KLICEK. Dyami Medvědí tlapa V1, CAC, CACIB. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! 8.6.2014 MVP UMAG. Judge Mr. Zlatko KRALJIC. Dyami Medvědí tlapa V1, CAC, CACIB. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    26.5.2014  Cookie Medvědí tlapa in 2,5 Years  HD, ED  0/0. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    31.5.2014 MVP Nitra (SK). Grace Medvědí tlapa VP1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    24.5.2014 International Dog Show Litoměřice (CZ). Judge Mr.Iliev Mariusz (RU).Garry Medvedi tlapa VV1.Congratulations!!!!!!!!! 24.5.2014 International Dog Show Litoměřice (CZ). Judge Mr.Iliev Mariusz (RU).Dive Medvedi tlapa Excellent 3.Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    21.5.2014 Litter B of Happy Birthday 3 Years.Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    1zqe3Dsxl49YlIJW1hJpAl5BKh4Gz-7bqWDAaOEKo-i3yhRE_v89QzmMQ1bFmM9iYKRbbu4.jpg 1zqe3Dsxl49YlIJW1hJpAl5BKh4Gz-7bqWDAaOEKo-i3yhRE_v89QzmMQ1bFmM9iYKRbbu4.jpg 17.5.2014 Club Show KCHBO.Mladá Boleslav.Judge Mr.Pascal Grappin (France) Gary Medvedi tlapa Very Promising 2. Congratulations!!!! rUmkxfoFVq6MceZNAeiya9HoEec9dwfG_GAxrH8XwX04ymU66dZ1O8Y1CD_SwRTL700gV9k.jpg rUmkxfoFVq6MceZNAeiya9HoEec9dwfG_GAxrH8XwX04ymU66dZ1O8Y1CD_SwRTL700gV9k.jpg  17.5.2014 Club Show KCHBO Mladá Boleslav. Judge Mr.Pascal Grappin (France).Dive Medvedi tlapa excellent 2, R.CAC. Congratulations!!!! dvgob3Eknxxl2JFO-UEkEcse_41gjILim8Cu1XKJk4yjQ1Nb86jjhqxjduW474Jx9XuO_eM.jpg dvgob3Eknxxl2JFO-UEkEcse_41gjILim8Cu1XKJk4yjQ1Nb86jjhqxjduW474Jx9XuO_eM.jpg 17.5.2014 Regional Show Hradec Králové. Judge MR.Antonín Mudra. Deina Medvedi tlapa Excellent 3.Congratulations!!!! 17.5.Dyami Medvedi tlapa Excellent 1,CAJC,Junior BOB. New Slovenian Junior Champion. Congratulations!!!


    14.5.2014 Happy Birthday Cherry.



    6.5.2014 Happy Birthday Fionn.


    6.5.2014 Litter F of Happy Birthday 1 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    2.5.2014 Deina Medvedi tlapa  HD, ED, OCD, PL 0/0 and spine in order. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    28.4.2014 Litter E of Happy Birthday 1 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    April 25, 2014 Legacys Remington Steele father litters F, H and CH is DM (degenerative myelopathy) N/N. Congratulations!!!



    First Choice Medvedi Tlapa "Jake"  1. Platz ASCA Show in Niederkrüchten 9-12 Monate..Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    18.4.2014 Clancy Medvedi tlapa 27 months rtg HD, ED, OCD 0/0.Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    New photos Cimm Medvedi tlapa New photos Eagle Medvedi tlapa New photos Earl medvedi tlapa New photos Farley Medvedi tlapa


    12.4.2014 Happy Birthday Kiss.



    7.4.2014 New photos of litter G in new home



    23.3.2014  4.Strachovské contest - internal plant in obedience organized ZKO Kralupy nad Vltavou - Strachov. In the classroom walls as the youngest puppy placed Gwen Bear Paw in 3 months on a beautiful 1st place. Huge congrats!!!!



    20.3.-23.3. 2014 Last Chance 20 exhibitions in Montenegro.



    Litter G sold.


    4.02.2014. New  common photos of litter G. 6 Tage..



    Dive Medvedi tlapa HD, ED, PL, OCD 0/0.Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    29.01.2014 Dyami medvedi tlapa  HD, ED, OCD 0/0  Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    22.01.2014 Dottie  Medvedi tlapa  HD, ED, PL, OCD 0/0 , Spine OK. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    18.01.2014 CACIB Trenčín (SK). Judge Mr. MVDr. Vladimír Piskay (SK).Carson Medvedí tlapa Excellent 1, CAC.


    17.01.2014 Litter C of Happy Birthday 2 Years. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!



    12.01.2014 - CACIB Nürnberg (DE). Judge Mrs. Claudia Bosselmann (DE). Carson Medvedí tlapa  Excellent 4. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!


    16.01.2014 Dante Medvedi tlapa DNA CMR1 N/N.



     Litter G Born 24.12 .2013 We have 9 puppies. Male 2 x red-merle, 1 x red-tri, 3 x black-tri. Female 2 x red-tri, 1 x black-tri.



    We sell Australian Shepherd puppies.





    Unsuccessful mating in Holland / 2012




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